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Superbox Swivel

The Superbox Swivel is the shortest possible connector from the anchor to the last common link of the chain. This means the shortest distance between the anchor shank and chainstopper, which in turn means the anchors/winches can be placed much further forward in the hull.

The main advantage of this is to allow the winch gear to be moved as far forward as possible to allow the owner as much deck space for private use. The Superbox Swivel is manufactured to extremely high strength and exceeds all Lloyd's Register requirements.


  • CNC machined not cast
  • Lloyd’s Register type approved
  • High tensile stainless steel
  • Lubricated swivel joint
  • Shortest anchor/chain connector available
  • Superbox Swivel breakloads exceed.U3 chain breakloads
  • Fully mirror polished
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Very high corrosive resistance
  • 12 sizes, suits anchors 50-8500kg