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The Challenge

To devise an anchoring solution for a 46m catamaran.

For more than ten years a superyacht owner has used Manson Anchors for his anchoring tackle, so when he approached Australian-based Echo Yachts last year to build his new yacht, he knew what he was looking for in an anchor.

The design engineer from Echo supplied Bowmaster with sketch plans for an anchor on the bow of the 46m catamaran, but the brief didn’t complement the finesse of the well-designed vessel or fit with the modern approach to anchoring.




The Solution

A happy customer with a bespoke hiding anchoring system.

The Bowmaster team supplied several different designs and quotes based on the brief to have an standard Manosn Ray anchor on the bow. The engineering team took this opportunity to also present six alternative bow roller designs whereby the anchor was housed neatly in the bow of the vessel.

All models were deemed too expensive by the yard and by iteration six the design was stripped back to the bare bones, looking for the most economic solution. Quotes and designs were again presented to the owner but were eventually all rejected. He wanted something more.

The yard returned to Bowmaster and through a collaborative working partnership, a revised system was presented to the owner.

A contract was signed to provide anchors, anchor pockets, scratch plates, towing bow rollers, hawse pipes, chain washes, samson posts and spurling pipes - more than the original budget – but more fitting of the vessel design.

Bowmaster is also working with Echo on a new 84m monohull.