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July Newsletter 2018 - Underwater Deployment: Solving the Spatial Arrangement

Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Posted by: Bowmaster

Underwater Deployment: Solving the Spatial Arrangement

Adding an underwater deployment system to our range has proven a large advantage to our customers with narrower bow configurations. Suitable for both Motoryachts and Super Sailing yachts, the underwater system is available in both single and dual configurations. This means that the vessel is able to fit two anchors into an area where traditionally a forestay or two anchor pockets may have made this impossible.

These spatial advantages are why prominent yachts such as Pink Gin, Ngoni & MY Khalilah choose this style of anchoring to great effect. 

The entire system including the anchor was designed from the ground up, specifically to be used in an underwater deployment application. Reliability is key - when first developed it was put through thousands of mock deployments/retrievals at our on-site testing facilities. The balance and turning mechanism ensure the anchor always finds the correct position when returning to the pocket.

We have also launched a new underwater system using the Plough/CQR style anchor which can be used very well in bow applications but is also perfectly suited to stern systems, having already been fitted during two refits of Damen Sea Axe vessels. This has been an easy retrofit for the yards with a complete operational commissioned system delivered and the entire cassette simply installed into the vessel.

If clients have a vessel with a unique bow or one where space is limited, it’s very easy for our inhouse engineers to quickly sketch up an arrangement to show what the system could look inside the bow and give them alternative solutions.

For more information please contact ben@mansonanchors.com 

July Newsletter 2018 - Underwater Deployment: Solving the Spatial Arrangement