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Bollards with a difference

The Challenge:

Fabricate a unique style bollard.

When Peri Yachts were building their flagship 41m Motor Yacht in 2012, they asked trusted supplier Manson Anchors to provide Dual Ray anchors for the Bow. With this being a flagship yacht for Peri Yachts, each aspect of the boat needed to be perfect. This included the bollards, which were considered a key design element of the vessel.

Designed by the owner of Peri yachts himself, Manson Anchors were asked if their sister company, Bowmaster could handle the fabrication of the bollards. As is often the case, Technical Director Ned Wood responded with an unwavering ‘Yes’.

The Solution:

A new way of building bollards. 

After confirming the brief with Peri Yachts, Bowmaster set about creating an approach that met all design requirements without sacrificing any functionality and most importantly, strength. Once the approach was approved, the fabrication team went about sourcing the highest quality materials for the job.

Once the materials were gathered, each part was cut, shaped, and pressed to create the framework for each bollard. On completion of the initial bollard, a jig framework was put in place to ensure all 8 bollards were perfectly symmetrical and matched to the bolt profile of the yacht during installation.

Through effective and accurate communication, Peri Yachts were able to stay up-to-date during the fabrication process and provide approval at each key stage of construction.

The final touch was to hand polish the bollards and provide a perfect finish to what was a unique style of bollard. Peri Yachts, now known as Cerides Yachts, went on to order multiple sets of bollards after such a successful first run.